The Urban Nature Preschool Experience!

We are a half-day outdoor nature- based preschool in West Seattle.  We are based out of the Fauntleroy School House and our hours are 8:30am-12:30pm.  Families can choose from the session that best fits their needs.  We provide a rich early childhood learning experience for children ages 3-5.  All of our time is spent outdoors in nature. We encourage children to explore their natural surroundings and discover their interests through play and hands on experiences, that help them develop independence and become divergent thinkers.




Exploring Green Spaces!

Our little urban nature explorers get to connect with nature by visiting green spaces like Fauntleroy Park and Lincoln Park.



Garden Exploration!

Children get to plant, care for and enjoy the vegetable garden yield!


Fostering the love of nature!

Fauntleroy Park


Reading a map of Schmitz Park before exploring!
Writing Practice
Lincoln Park!
Alligator Log at Schmitz Park!
Lincoln Park Beach
Spring Planting at our Fauntleroy Schoolhouse garden!
Alki Beach!
Families Story
Exploration Time!
Story dictation
Low Tide
Low tide at Lincoln Park.
Puddles on a rainy day!
Numbers practice!